Managing Risk through Employee Well being.


Other than the aptitude testing available the Discussion Sessions are one on one sessions to find some answers and receive guidance to the general issues we experience daily. 

Should the employee require additional personal assistance and / or refer a family member we will provide a counseling session/s. The aim is to use a holistic approach to employee well being. 

Appointments on this website is aimed at the individual as and when needed. Corporate clients will have different requirements and we will discuss the best solution for your needs.




​Individual Assessment for the compatibility of a specific position, preposition and new appointments are measured. Including risk assessment of an individual relating to position adaptability and agility. The net risk is managed in accordance with risk appetite of the particular business.

Team assessments measuring compatibility and agility.



Risk is identified using a combination of discussion sessions with the employee and should it be required, Applied Aptitude tests will be conducted.


Discussion sessions are conducted Online or face to face engagements.


Should sufficient risk information be identified or obtained during any discussions, these will be communicated to the business board or management to enable them to understand the overall risk profile and focus on the material and strategic implications for the business. The risk reporting structure is hierarchical and cyclical. The reporting structure is high-level feedback and no personal information is divulged that was shared in a closed discussion.


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