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General Information & FAQ

In my practice I focus on teaching and guidance. I believe that we have a responsibility towards ourselves to live our best life and to do what is needed in order to achieve this. 

Bookings: Sessions are one on one virtual sessions on Google Meet.   

Remember to download the Wix Spaces app for easy rebooking and management of your appointment/s.

Go to the Apple App Store (on iPhone) or Google Play (on Android). · Type 'Spaces by Wix' in the Search field. · Click Get or Install to download the app. 

Insurance: This is a cash on appointment practice with payment options on the checkout page of this website. 

Our general pricing is as follows: 


  • Intake Sessions 60 Minutes @ $200 per session - this will be your first two sessions

  • Standard session 45 Minutes @ $160 per session - all other sessions

 ** I do not claim via your Insurance for these sessions.

Session time: It is your responsibility to make sure that you are on time for your session. Kindly understand that there are scheduled sessions before and after you. Your session will continue in your remaining time, however if you are more than 20 min late you will forfeit your session and fee. This website allows for you to make changes to your appointment prior to your scheduled time, please do so if needed. 

Medicine / Medication: I do not prescribe any medication or Medicines. Please consult with a Psychiatrist if you feel this is required for you. 

Contact: Please note that I am in consultations for most of the day and thus do not respond to phone calls. The preferred contact is via email and I will respond to you as soon as possible.

Personal information collection: On booking I will send you a form to collect some of your personal information  please return this prior to your session. I choose not to spend time on completing paperwork during your session time.

Disclaimer: Please note that all information share between the Coach and client remain strictly confidential. No information will be shared iro sessions by either party, unless upon receipt of appropriate documentation, ordered by a Government Authority to do so. 

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