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January - Joy

Week two, 17 - 24 January will focus on the following question.

What is the impact of Joy on the mind?

Do yo think that an emotion can have a impact on your mind? On the way that you perceive things, people and the world at large? Do you think that what you have been taught all your life combined with your internal dialogue can have an impact on your life and the way that you live that life?

So my thought on this would be that we are who and what we believe we are. I believe that your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. Let us consider the following, if you are negative all the time and use words like, don't, can't, broke, ill, sick, depressed, ect than this is all the mind hears and your energy vibration is then aligned to this state of mind, which will result in adding more of the above to your life.

Should we change our inner dialogue and relate our thought and words to correspond with joy, happiness, excitement, healthy ect it would stand to reason that our outer world would reflect the positive input and you create a beautiful healthy life.

I read a lovely and truthful quote,

"You spend most of you life in your mind, make sure it is a nice place to be."

Take this week and see if you are able to identify your inner dialogue? What does your mind hear from you? If needed then you can make small changes to change your inner dialogue to be more positive. Take one negative word that you frequently use and replace it with a positive one going forward. Once you have this one rooted as the new word take the next and so on.

This week smile as much as you can!

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