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January - Joy

Week two, 11 - 17 January will focus on the following question.

What is the impact of Joy on the body?

Now that you contemplated what joy means to you, this week you can consider what the impact of Joy or the lack their off has on your body?

A feeling of pleasure, delight and happiness, is created by the release of dopamine and serotonin (neurotransmitters) in the brain. Would it be fair to say then that negative feelings and thoughts can create stress, hormone imbalance, reduction on the production of serotonin and dopamine, a compromised immune system and even depression?

Take this week and see if you can identify what the impact of joy or the lack there off has on you. What do you think you can change in your personal space to ensure that you create a healthy and strong body?

Have a look at the following few points and see which of these you can perhaps alter or change:

list all the medication you use? (please make sure you discuss an changes with your physician)

do you exercise at all?

what do you eat and when?

what do you drink and how much?

do you smoke?

The Q's above will create a general guide for you to see what you can start to change for yourself. Say for example you have high cholesterol which may have an impact on your heart, following a healthy eating plan and walking around the block once a day may potentially in a month or three have a very positive and healthy outcome for your body, which may result in using less medication - upon our physicians recommendation of course.

Remember we are looking to create joy in our lives, space and self. See what resonates with you and follow that. For you, perhaps it is not drinking soda any longer and if that is your change it is a healthy one, good for you.

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